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What is Gold Coating?

Gold coating is a method of depositing a thin layer of gold onto the surface of another metal.
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What are the types of Gold Coating?

There are two types of gold coating

1. Coating with 24 karat gold
2. Coating with gold paint called "Golden Eye"

As a service to cater the customers' requirements we do "lacquering" to prevent the piece from getting tarnished after some time and also help the customer to save time on cleaning at frequent intervals of time. We also do the "antique" coating to avoid cleaning at frequent intervals of time.
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What is Golden Dye?

Cathodic Electro painting system withstands all external atmospheric conditions due to its high degree of ultraviolet resistance properties. The coating process costs low than gold and silver coating. However it should be understood that we do not use gold but gold paint only which has the sheen of gold.
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What is Lacquering?

High sweat resistant clear coat polyurethane base lacquer coating with heat treatment at 160 degree (C). Our electrophoretic lacquering is quite different from usual lacquering done by our competitors with ordinary lacquering like M R F lacquer etc. Peeling off gold in products with our lacquering is very difficult since it cannot be damaged so easily. The lacquer which has 4H pencil hardness saves gold from any external chemical reactions etc. In such circumstances the gold is sandwiched between barrier special metal coats and lacquering. We are sure of peeling off the gold even after many years.

Our main success in gold coating is due to our quality of lacquering only. The lacquer is imported and expensive.
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Why Mantra Gold Coatings?

We are the only company providing guarantee to the 24 karat gold coating NTGD process. Transparency is ensured to the hilt, as the quality and quantity of the gold used can be accurately measured to the last mg. Remaining truthful to an Hindu principle - 'Being True' the CECRI has agreed to determine and clarify the exact quality of gold used in our engoldening process, on request by the temple authorities and payment of the prescribed fees.

Mantra Gold Coatings provide guarantee to the 24 kt gold coating done by it under NTGD process. Transparency is ensured to the hilt, as the quality of the gold used can be accurately measured to the last mg. Remaining truthful to an Hindu principle-Being true, Mantra Gold Coatings gives a written warranty on the gold deposition and on the sheen for a specified period depending on the quantum of gold deposition. It also agrees for peel off test wherein we can peel off the gold deposited from the piece selected at random and the quality and quantity can be verified through an independent appraiser of the customer's choice. In our recent peel off test our customer was able to peel off above 95% of gold deposition. Above all we agree for any kind of test by any agency which has the infrastructure to do gold deposition testing and abide by the report.
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How much Gold is required for Coating?

We do gold deposition from 572 mg to 8 gms per sq ft. depending on the customers' requirements.
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What are the types of metals on which we do Coating?

We do coating almost on all types of metals like Silver, Brass, Copper, Aluminum, Panchaloha, Fibers etc.
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How much time required for Gold Coating?

It all depends on the size and surface area of the piece on which gold coating is to be done and also the quantum of gold deposition.
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For how many years Gold Coating will last?

It depends on the customers' preference and willingness to spend on gold deposition. For minimum deposition of gold we give warranty for 3 years whereas we are confident that the sheen will last for a minimum period of 5 years. For 5 gms/ sq.ft. we give warranty over gold sheen for 25 years whereas we anticipate the gold sheen will last for more than 30 years. From our experience minimum gold deposition done in 2003 lasted for more than 9 years whereas we gave warranty for 5 years only and the sheen is reasonably good even now.
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Can we recover Gold after 10-15 years?

We are sure of our gold coating quality and we can recover gold up to 95 % from the gold coated pieces provided the deposition of gold is more than 2 gms / sq.ft. In other cases, gold can be recovered but when compared to the time and cost involved in it, is not worth removing the gold.
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Will Gold oxidise?

In 'traditional gold raking' process, gold is pasted on copper sheet without base coat. Since gold has a tendency to migrate into copper and over a period of time, the sheen on the pieces without base coat will become dull which is called "Oxidation". In our process we give two base coats on copper pieces before gold deposition, which arrest the migration of gold in a foolproof way and hence no oxidation will take place. In case of dullness we can peel off the lacquer and give another coat of lacquer to regain the sheen.
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Is the process environmentally safe?

Definitely "Yes". Our process is environmentally safe as we do not use harmful chemicals in our process.
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Is it approved by Government authorities like HR & CE Board?

Yes it is approved. The HR & CE has released orders to Executive Officers of Temples under their control, to utilize the services of Smart Creations for gold coating organized through donors' scheme.
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Does it confirm to ATSM standards?

Yes, it is confirmed to ATSM standards.
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What is "NTGD"?

NTGD means "Nano composite Gold Deposition" wherein gold is bombarded on prepared surface and the bonding will be better than in the process of gold coating by raking method.
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How are your rates compared with your peers?

Our charges are based on our quality and transparent way of gold coating. Hence our rates are in no way comparable with our peers.
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In every process some amount of process loss is inevitable. How do you say "0%" wastage in process?

We certainly agree that process loss in our process is inevitable. However the cash equivalent for the loss of gold in process is collected from the customer, which is in-built in coating charges. Our concept is to deposit the entire quantity of gold given by the customer. However we are agreeable for proportionate cut in coating charges, in case when customer is willing to agree for the quantum of wastage in process.
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